The following pieces of software are available for download

Product Description

   Ext2 File System Driver

       for Windows NT 4.0

This driver lets you access Linux (ext2) partitions from Windows just like the native (FAT and NTFS) partitions.

   Postman (POP3 Mail Client) This is a POP3 Mail Client. The uniqueness about this client is that it has support for what is called POP authentication for SMTP something that mail servers like Yahoo's require and something like popular clients like Outlook (Express) lack...

It doesn't use MAPI.. I have written code to handle the POP3 and SMTP protocol. Interested? Take a look...

   MeToo Assembler This is an 8086 Assembler for an IBM PC or clone. It isn't packed with features. It is still under development. This is for those of you who are interested in finding what goes into the making of an assembler.
   Wallpaper Changer This is a utility that changes the Windows wallpaper every time the user logs in to the system.
   Reminder This yet another reminder utility. It is 'designed' to be simple and has just the most essential features.
   Debugger 2000 This is a 16 bit debugging utility. Not of much practical use. But if you want to see what goes into the making of a debugger, Debugger 2000 is for you.

Here are some articles

   Boot Sector Tutorial Want to write a piece of boot sector code? Check out this tutorial. It includes some sample code.
   (Not) Running as Administrator in Windows. Why and how not to routinely login with administrator previleges in Windows.

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Last updated on November 12, 2002