Ext2 (Linux) File System Driver for Windows NT 4.0

(Beta Release 0.01)

A Windows 2000/XP version is in the making


  1. Manual and Automatic detection of Ext2 Partitions
  2. Mounting of Ext2 Partitions as logical drives (D:, E: )
  3. Standard read/write access to all Windows NT programs through the native API.
  4. File caching for read and write (for good performance).
  5. This driver is for Windows NT 4.x only. A Windows 2000/XP version is in the making.

Bug Reports

If you find any bugs kindly do report them.
You can also write to me directly.

Feature Requests

Currently there are two feature requests
    1. Support for Windows 2K/Xp
    2. Support for the ext3 filesystem.

If you would like to request for something else, click here.

Developer : Manoj Paul Joseph
Downloads : Check out the released files!
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Last updated on April 11, 2004