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Protected mode programming

Prashant TR's tutorial and Alexei A. Frounze's examples

Alexei A. Frounze's page. Graphics programming, 386 based kernel... Lots of stuff!

Information pertaining to Windows NT/2K/XP... Lots of it!

1. Check out some of the articles that appeared  in the Windows 2000 Magazine...

2. NT Tips and Trivia - SysInternals 

3. "NT vs UNIX: Is One Substantially Better than the Other?," by Mark Russinovich, Windows NT Magazine, December 1998.

4. "Linux and the Enterprise," by Mark Russinovich, Windows NT Magazine, April 1999. A very good (and sane) comparison between Windows NT and Linux. But do remember, this was written in 1999, before Windows 2K came out.

Boot Sector Code

1. VnutZ's Domain - BootStrap Tutorial

2. Boot Sector Overview - by Chris Lattner

File System Driver Development for Windows NT

Open System Resources Inc.   Lots of information about Windows NT Driver Development especially File System Driver Development

Bo BrantÚn's Projects. Here is the mirror site.

Check out Prashant TR's software archive!

Check out my free downloads!

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