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Wallpaper changer 1.1

Developer: Manoj Paul Joseph

   Download Wallpaper Changer 1.1 ( 195KB)

   Download Source Code  (  351KB)

What is Wallpaper Changer?

  The Wallpaper Changer 1.1 is a utility that changes the Windows wallpaper every time the user logs in to the system. It has been tested on Windows 95/98/Me but not on Windows NT. 


  Use WinZip or any compatible utility to extract the files from Run Setup.exe. 

  To use this software, you have to configure it first. Just click the ‘Add’ button to add all the wallpaper files you want and click the ‘OK’ button to save the settings. That is all there is to it. You get a different wallpaper every time you switch on (or logon).

  If there are multiple users on the system, each user can specify a list of files that are to be used as wallpapers. The wallpaper my be centered or tiled or stretched. The Wallpaper Changer can also be disabled. All settings are ‘per-user’ settings. That is each user can specify a different setting.

  If you do not specify any wallpaper files, then obviously the wallpaper will not be changed. If the specified file is not a wallpaper file, then no wallpaper will be displayed.


  To remove the Wallpaper Changer 1.1, use the ‘Add / Remove Programs’ icon in the Control Panel.

   The program was developed on MS Visual C++ 5.0 (MFC).

Last updated on 14-3-2001

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